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Dave Jones Close Up And Cabaret Magician
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    Magic Circle

    Gold Star Member
    Of The
    Inner Magic Circle
    Wedding Magician & Entertainer!
    Everyone wants their wedding day to be a happy and memorable event!

    A natural entertainer and award-winning Magician, Dave Jones brings an unforgettable, magical “extra touch” to the occasion as he performs throughout your special day.

    He has an easy going approach, mingling with the guests, performing for groups of all ranges and ages, during drinks reception, the meal, or as the evening event approaches.
      Dave Jones Close Up Magician
    He tailors his magic to their needs, selecting just the right material from his extensive repertoire. Dave is a born entertainer, performing for groups from both sides of the family, bringing them together and “breaking the ice.” He truly has the "magician's touch", helping them get to know each other and enjoy the day together.

    As an experienced Magician and entertainer, Dave provides an enjoyable interlude when guests may be at a “loose end” as the wedding photographs are taken, or during the line up when entering for the meal. This ensures that there are no “dead spots” where nothing is happening.
    Dave Jones Close Up Magician   An accomplished sleight of hand Magician, Dave visits each table during the wedding meal, providing astonishment and laughter, really enhancing the happy atmosphere of your important day.

    As the evening event approaches, this skilful entertainer can welcome the guests with close up illusions performed “under their noses”, and often, “in their own hands”. For those not dancing, Dave can provide a “Mini Show” ensuring everyone is entertained by the magician throughout the evening. He can also perform as people wait for the buffet food and during the meal, gathering laughter and amazement throughout.
    Dave Jones, Award Winning Magician - the IDEAL entertainer for your wedding!
    Tel: 01905 771 674   |   Email: info@davejonesmagic.com   |   Mob: 07919 021 052
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